Sunday, December 6, 2009

Gotta love that toddler Independence!

Well, as any of you parents out there know, young ones quickly move into a stage wherein they CAN and WILL do everything on their own. My little Gavin and Peyton are there. Well, more like Gavin is there and Peyton has recently begun to follow him around and do everything his big Brother is doing...

Here's my Little Men exerting there independence!

They each got dressed themselves and of course, Gavin put on Peyton's clothes and Peyton put on Mikayla's PJ's top and his cousin Matthew's slippers. So then Matthew was really excited to get in on the fun as well.

Then, in a picture taken later, you can see that Peyton likes to choose where and when he lays his precious head. In this instance, Butch appears to have been chosen as the designated pillow...

Even though these times can get a bit frustrating, it does make me melancholy to think that these wonderful little people are going to grow up Sooo fast. Then they'll become even more independent, and a bit crazy too, I am thinking. We haven't made it to puberty with any of our kids yet, but I know we're close. Mariah wants to be so grown up already. I miss everyone being tiny babies. Don't get me wrong, I love them at the ages and stages they are right now. I just do love that little baby smell right after a bath, and how they just will lay with you and snuggle forever. My kids are all still really physically affectionate so we do get snuggles a ton. I love it!
Now that I've had my moment, it's time to get my last little person off to bed. Good night!

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